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Why I’m Sick of My Childhood Friend Manganato

It’s no secret that some people in our lives can be a bit frustrating. Whether it’s a family member, a best friend from when we were kids, or someone who just seems to always be around, they can be tough to deal with. And while it might not always seem like it, these difficult relationships often have a lot of good in them too. That’s why, when I started thinking about my childhood friend Manganato, I couldn’t help but feel sick and tired of him.


I’ve known Manganato since we were in kindergarten together. He was always the weird one, the one who would do things on a whim and never follow through with anything. But he was also strangely lovable, and I always felt like I could count on him.

But then high school happened, and Manganato all of a sudden became this obnoxious know-it-all. He started writing ridiculous blog articles about conspiracy theories and astrology, and insisting that everyone should believe in them. It was clear to me that he was just using his newfound internet fame to become some kind of guru figure to our little clique of misfits.

And then college happened

Manganato graduated as valedictorian but still seemed to be nothing more than a self-righteous jerk. He started getting really preachy about how we should all start living according to his new “philosophy”, which basically amounted to him telling us what to do and how to think. It was embarrassing, really—Manganato had always been such a wimp back in elementary school, but now he had somehow turned into this big macho guy who thought he knew everything.

So I guess you could say my relationship with Manganato has been… complicated over the years. But that’s okay—I don’t need him around anyway. I’m sick of his preachy bullshit and his insistence that everyone should live according to his silly little rules. Good ridd

Manganato’s Bad Behavior

Manganato is one of the people from my childhood who I still keep in touch with. We used to be really close when we were kids, but lately our interactions have become more and more strained. Manganato has a habit of being really inconsiderate and selfish, and he always seems to find ways to put himself first.

Recently, Manganato took advantage of me

when I was feeling down. He told me that he was there for me if I needed him, but then he just took advantage of that fact and started monopolizing all of our conversations. It’s been really frustrating, because even though I know that Manganato means well, his behavior is just plain bad.

I used to think that Manganato was a great friend, but now I’m starting to realize that he’s not actually all that great at all. In fact, he’s actually pretty toxic! Hopefully, someday I’ll be able to break free from his grip and move on from this embarrassing experience.

Why I Hate Manganato

I hate Manganato. He’s always been a jerk and I can never stand him. He’s always trying to be funny but it just comes across as mean-spirited and annoying. Plus, he’s always talking about food like he’s some sort of expert. He’s really not that great of a friend.

Manganato is one of those people who seems to think

That because he grew up in a big city, he knows everything there is to know about food. But, in reality, he just doesn’t have any taste. His cooking always tastes bland and boring and his arguments about food are always full of nothing but pompous nonsense.

I used to be friends with Manganato back when we were kids but I stopped hanging out with him a few years ago because I realized that he wasn’t really worth my time or effort. He’s just a jackass who isn’t worth my time or energy anymore.


I’m sick of Manganato. He always puts me down, he never helps me out, and worst of all- he keeps giving me these stupid gifts. I’ve had it with him!
I’m going to have a talk with him about how he behaves and see if maybe we can’t get along better from now on.



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