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What Should You Know About Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetics is one of the most commonly preferred procedures in the field of aesthetic surgery. It has gained popularity among women due to both aesthetic and psychological reasons. Having prior knowledge about this situation before breast aesthetics is highly important to be better prepared and conscious about it.


  •   Breast aesthetic surgeries are generally performed under general anesthesia and typically last around 1-3 hours. Staying in the hospital for 1 night after the surgery is usually sufficient for individuals.
  •   Returning to normal life within 1 week is possible after breast aesthetic surgeries. However, strenuous exercise, lifting, and demanding movements should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.
  •   After breast aesthetic surgery, wearing a special bra is necessary. This bra provides support to the breasts and accelerates the healing process. Wearing the bra for 4-6 weeks is recommended.
  •   After breast aesthetic surgery, there might be swelling, bruising, pain, and tightness in the breasts. These symptoms gradually decrease over time, and the breasts assume their natural shape. The final appearance of the breasts can vary between 3-6 months.
  •   Breastfeeding, mammograms, and the risk of breast cancer do not undergo any changes after breast aesthetic surgery. However, regular breast examinations and check-ups are necessary.
  •   The results of breast aesthetic surgery are permanent. However, factors such as aging, weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can lead to changes in the shape of the breasts. Revision surgeries might be necessary in such cases.
  •   The success of breast aesthetic surgery depends on factors such as the individual’s expectations, body structure, skin quality, and the surgeon’s experience. Therefore, a thorough examination and consultation are essential before the surgery.

What points should you consider when making a decision about breast aesthetics?

Before getting breast aesthetic surgery, besides being informed about these matters, there are certain points you need to consider. Here are the points you should take into account when making a decision about breast aesthetics:

  •   Expertise: Breast aesthetics require expertise. Choosing an experienced and certified plastic surgeon is crucial for achieving the desired results.
  •   Expectations: Setting realistic expectations is very important. Aesthetic surgeries can improve physical appearance but do not guarantee a perfect body.
  •   Postoperative care: The recovery period after breast aesthetic surgeries is crucial. Following your doctor’s recommended instructions will support the acceleration of the healing process.




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