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Unique and creative gifts that preserve special memories

Gifts are specially presented on a special occasion to be remembered. But often we buy gifts to preserve a specific memory. For example, if you are celebrating your grandparent’s 50th-anniversary milestone, it’s obvious they must deserve something special that connects them with their sweet old memories. It could be a photo album or a picture collage made of photographs that represent very special moments of their lives together. Similarly, when someone achieves a promotion in office or does excellent in their academic career, a special memento they deserve. When it’s a personalized one, it seems the best.

In the gift shops online or in the physical stores, you will get amazing mementos that everyone would love to receive.

Nothing can do better than a photo gift:

A picture tells a story better than words. So, a memorable personalized gift with a photograph seems the best option here. So many options are there to choose from. For example,

Personalized photo frame: You can gift photo frames with a personalized photograph or photo collage attached to a beautifully designed frame. These are classy and affordable gifts that anyone can buy. You have different options to choose the photo frame – a classic wooden engraved frame, an eco-friendly fibre-made frame, a contemporary metal frame and so on. As per the material, the budget may vary a bit. Attach a heartfelt message along with the photograph to congratulate the recipient. It will look amazing while showcasing in your living room.

Photobook album: This is the perfect gift to define special memories like birthdays and anniversaries. A personalized photo book album consists of a bunch of photographs along with funny quotes, special dates and personal messages. You can choose to give such a beautiful album for your spouse to gift on your anniversary. This will be a perfect memento that you would like to check out even in your older days.

Photo collage wall hanging: When you are looking for a unique personalized gift within an affordable budget, a photo collage wall hanging is the perfect gift. You need to choose a set of photographs and a message to create this. The personalizing artist will create the design as per your instructions.

Photo printed calendar: It’s an amazing gift that you can give as a memento. Choose a number of photographs of the recipient to be printed for each of the months. It also can be presented as a nice corporate gift. Wish all the best to your colleague with such a beautiful personalized album.

Personalized gifts that are useful too:

Photo printed coffee mug: Make your special person’s every morning more exciting with photo-printed personalized mugs IndiaThe mug comes with the recipient’s photograph and a personal message printed on it. After multiple uses and washes, the print remains the same.

Personalized wall clock: A standard wall clock or table clock can be personalized with a picture or a picture collage. It enhances the room’s beauty quotient when hanging on the wall.

Hundreds of personalized options are available online. You can choose the readymade template designs or can design them all by yourself.



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