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Top 8 Most Relevant Topics on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media platform among the youth of the countries where they can reflect their passion and share their skills and creativity through images and videos.Instagram is the canvas on which users paint their tales and share their experiences.

It has a plethora of themes and topics catering to the interests of a diverse range of people. These themes include a wide range of interests.Including travel, food, fashion fitness.

Business and more. They depict a vibrant tapestry of interests and expressions in which individuals and communities collaborate to discover, inspire, and connect. Businesses share their brand and offerings

but a general influencer finds it difficult in the beginning to decide the niche and topic that can bring views and engagement to their profile. This advanced and knowledgeable generation has the potential to pull off any topic and gain a massive following quickly.

But the question is what are the most beneficial topics to add content on? In this blog, we will discuss the top 8 most relevant topics on Instagram that can captivate an audience and take your profile to the next level. 

Travel and Adventure

Traveling content is one of the most liked and followed content on Instagram. If you are a frequent traveler who visits different countries and locations, the travel page is the most suitable idea for you. Sharing pictures of exotic destinations, beautiful landscapes, hidden gems, travel experiences, etc.

allows you to get a massive engagement on Instagram. People love to see different stunning landscapes of the world through the eyes of travelers who capture the scenery through their lens and post it on Instagram. 

Fashion and Style

Instagram is a hub for fashion influencers who have a strong taste for fashion and trending style. People who can buy trendy outfits, promote fashion trends, become style inspirations, and design outfits can leverage the advantage of a fashion page. One of the most popular hashtags, #Fashion, has more than 1.1 billion posts on Instagram.

Not only outfits but even jewelry, footwear, bags, accessories, etc., also come under the category of fashion. Fashion influencers can even get a chance to collaborate with brands like Myntra, Amazon, etc., and earn a good amount of income from them. Fashion influencers get a huge number of Instagram likes from people who are interested in fashion and love to explore and see new trends and styles in the market.

Food and Cooking

Today, people are obsessed with food, and it is one of the most searched topics on Instagram, with its hashtag crossing 512M+ posts. Food bloggers and chefs can post pictures and videos of mouth-watering dishes, artistic meal preparation, delectable cuisine

and delicious recipes and share culinary tips with their audience. Moreover, they can visit different restaurants, local shops, and cafes to taste the flavor of their unique dishes and give their reviews on their Instagram page. Generally, popular food bloggers visit different states or even countries to taste and give reviews about the traditional dishes and food of different cultures. 

Fitness and Wellness 

Today, people are more concerned than ever about their fitness, strength, flexibility, body shape, weight, and posture. However, not everyone can afford the expenditure of joining a gym and following a strict diet. Fitness influencers and trainers can share workout routines

healthy eating tips, exercise videos, transformation pictures, and wellness practices to help people maintain their bodies. Sharing fitness challenges is a great strategy to promote fitness among youth and increase the engagement and followers of your page. 

Inspirational and Relatable Quotes

People love to express their feelings on Instagram either by adding a story or sharing it in the DM. Inspirational posts have huge sharing insights as people want motivation at every stage of life, and it’s strange that a simply written line on a plain background has the power to turn a depressed mind into a motivated one. Writers, authors

and influencers can share motivational quotes, personal growth advice, success and inspirational stories to help people uplift their moods and succeed in their lives. Adding quotes related to relationships, friendship, life

love, fitness health success  money etc brings a massive audience to your page and increases the number of shares of such relatable posts.

Beauty and Makeup

Everyone wants to look their best on every occasion and often scrolls for beauty and makeup-related content on Instagram. People who have a good knowledge of beauty and makeup can share makeup tutorials, beauty hacks, and skincare routines and provide brand recommendations to the audience on Instagram.

The audience is smart and seeks product reviews and recommendations before purchasing them; therefore, the chances of getting approached for trying different brand products and promoting them are high. When you share genuine product reviews, you will foster trust among your audience and develop long-term relationships.


Lifestyle-related content has a high engagement on Instagram as people connect more with the Misty Severi personal lives of the influencers. They want to know about the struggles, achievements

daily routines living spaces, opinions, and thoughts of the people. Sharing content that relates to real life grabs more attention than anything else. People can share about their lives  experiences  and journeys and express themselves more deeply by opening a window to their lives. Showing such content sometimes motivates other people to enjoy every moment in their lives and focus on positivity rather than stressing over toxicity. 


Nature has always captivated people and remains a source of solace and happiness in life. It is one of the most loved topics on Instagram that is liked by the masses. There is a wide array of content under the category of nature. It includes majestic landscapes, mountains, moon, sunset, sunrise, stars, waterfalls, forests, beaches, wildlife, seasons, lakes, natural phenomena, and many more. Travelers and photographers can capture mesmerizing photographs of nature, its components, elements, and phenomena. The beauty and magnificence of nature have the ability to captivate the interest of millions of people. Hashtags like mountains, beach, sky, nature, etc. have already crossed 100M+ posts on Instagram.


Finding a perfect niche is the most crucial decision for an influencer wishing to start their page on Instagram. From beauty and fashion to travel and food Instagram gives a plethora of options to choose from. The Instagram audience is diverse, meaning that all the above-mentioned topics have the potential to help you succeed on Instagram.

Most of the topics give you the option to collaborate with brands and earn a handsome amount of money. However, Instagram is a platform where creativity and innovation thrive; therefore, the quality and standard of your content need to be high. Being a new creator, you can consider buying some Instagram likes to present a reputable image of your content in the market.



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