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The Perks of Joining the Bamister Mailing List

You might be interested in knowing the rewards of joining the Bamister mailing list. You’ll get to know the company, its founder Artice “Fay” Bannister, and its sales promotions. Here are a few of the perks:

Black Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. This event brings with it not only great shopping deals, but also fun events like parades, music fests, and holiday shows. Many local businesses also participate in the Black Friday festivities, including Bannister. From holiday shows to carnivals, Black Friday offers not only an excellent time to buy new items but also to meet friends. If you’re looking to make a holiday shopping trip, consider attending one of these events.

The Boston Consulting Group conducted a major study on Black Friday consumers in seven key global markets. The study found that the event has become firmly established as a shopping milestone. While awareness is highest in the US and UK, consumers across Europe are also aware of it. More than half of consumers plan to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, while a third don’t plan to. Despite this, consumers across Europe and Australia plan to spend more money on Black Friday than the US this year.

To increase your chances of attracting customers and increasing your revenue during Black Friday, consider using post-purchase marketing to thank customers, encourage feedback, and offer discounts. This way, you can make your holiday shopping experience more positive and minimize the likelihood of buyer’s remorse. Remember that the average conversion rate is between two and four percent, but if you can double this number during Black Friday, you’ll be better off.



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