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The Benefit of Wearing Luvme Hair Short Wigs

The definition of short wigs is more than the length. It’s a style, a revolution, and could be the difference between a good and a flawless look. There are many benefits and essentials of wearing short wigs.

However, you must get your unit from a quality store to enjoy these advantages. Many stores sell short wigs, but Luvme Hair is among the best globally. It has high-quality human hair wigs in different kinds and styles.

This article will educate you on the benefits of Luvme Hair’s short wigs. You’ll get a detailed description of what they are and the benefits of buying them.

Table Of Contents

  • What are Short Wigs?
  • What are the Benefits of Buying Short Wigs?
  • Who Can Wear Short Wigs?
  • What are the Best Short Wig Styles?
  • Can You Dye Your Luvme Hair Short Wigs?
  • Conclusion

What are Short Wigs?

Short wigs are any wig that is less than 14 inches. While all wigs under 14 inches are considered short, their length difference is also significant. Short wigs over ten inches can give you many different styles than those under them. Therefore, it’s best to carefully consider your options to ensure you select the right one.

Short wigs can be human or synthetic hair, and Luvme Hair’s short wigs comprise 100% human hair. It feels natural and looks natural, and you can enhance the realistic look by purchasing lace wigs. These wigs have a thin material at the front that blends with your scalp to give you an ultra-realistic hairline.

Short wigs can come in different textures, colors, densities, and styles. Everyone knows what a straight wig is, but you can also get it curly and wavy. As for color, there are natural black, brown, ombre, and highlights, and you’re free to dye it because it’s human hair.

Density is the volume of hair in the wig. There are many wig densities (measured) in percentage, and the higher the fuller. However, you won’t have many density choices here because the hair is short. A too-high volume will make the wig look unnatural.

What are the Benefits of Buying Short Wigs?

There are many benefits of buying short wigs and some drawbacks too. This section will educate you on some of these benefits.

  • It’s A Trend

Short wigs are trendy! Almost every female celebrity now understands the beauty of pixie cuts or short wigs with bangs and is wearing them. Many other ladies on social media are also jumping on the style and looking cute in it.

While your preference should be your most prominent motivation for selecting the wig, you should consider the trend if you want something new. If these ladies can look gorgeous in it, you can do better!

  • They’re Cheaper

The more hair in a human hair wig, the more expensive it will cost. Therefore, shorter wigs are cheaper than longer ones.

You should understand that the price difference in shorter wigs also varies, like a full lace short wig is more expensive than a lace frontal or headband. The difference in this aspect is the build quality.

  • It’s Easier to Maintain

Whether it’s time and money, you’ll spend less on a short wig to maintain. Your regular care products will last longer because you won’t use as much on them as you would on longer wigs. You’ll also spend considerably lesser time caring for the wig in lengthier units because there’s less hair.

  • They’re Perfect for Summer

During summertime, keeping cool is one of the biggest priorities. Wearing short wigs would mean you don’t have those long, flowy strands accompanying you anywhere you go, which causes inconvenience.

Who Can Wear Short Wigs?

The saying that short wigs can complement almost any face shape isn’t far from the truth. However, some face shapes work best with it. For instance, if you have an oval-shaped face, you can wear any type of wig on the planet.

A long face is another shape that goes well with short wigs. Chin-length wigs are usually the best, but any short wig will look cute when styled right. It’s all about understanding your facial features and selecting a matching unit.

Ladies of all ages can wear the wig. It looks cute on children becuase the wig almost always replicates their natural hair length.

What are the Best Short Wig Styles?

  • Pixie

A pixie cut wig is a short wig in which the hair is cropped into layers to create a tousled effect. It’s perfect for ladies who want an extra-light but stylish hairstyle.

  • Bangs

Bang wigs have a section of the air at the front of the wig cut and drop-down stylishly to the forehead. It’s adorable and a great way to disguise a wig’s hairline. Many different bang styles exist, like the curtain, curly, blunt, side-swept, layered, or feathered.

  • Bob

Bob’s wigs are cut in a straight line at the bottom of the wig. It’s favored for its cuteness and provides a distinct way to wear short wigs. Understand that the bob style can only work with straight texture.

  • Layered

Layered is a wig style in which the hair is cut into layers. These layers are of different lengths, and the top is cut shorter than underneath. Layered wigs are famous for adding texture to the hairstyle and framing the face.

You can combine some of these styles if you love them both. For instance, layered bang wigs are popular and lovely. Bob wigs can also go well with bangs.

You can’t rule out a cute bang with your pixie cut. It’s all about understanding your style and going for it.

Can You Dye Your Luvme Hair Short Wigs?

As mentioned earlier, Luvme Hair short wigs comprise 100% human hair. Therefore, you can do almost anything you can do to your natural hair, including dyeing.

You should follow the correct dyeing procedure to avoid damaging the wig. For the best results, leave the dyeing to a qualified professional.


Short wigs are convenient. They’re cheaper than long ones, easy to maintain, and last long. Every woman deserves the vibe of having one in her collection.




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