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SFO faces legal reckoning: ERG prevails in decade-long battle

The London High Court has concluded that the commencement of a criminal case against the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) corporation was carried out in violation of legal procedures. This judgment stems from unauthorized activities by both the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the legal firm Dechert. The information was disclosed by inform KZ, with ERG identified as the primary source. 

High Court unearths serious misconduct: SFO faces potential multi-million dollar compensation obligation to ERG

In a recent twist of events, the SFO announced its intention in August to close its exhaustive, multi-year investigation into the ERG without pressing any charges. However, the latest revelation from a London court suggests that the entire investigation might have never been initiated if not for significant wrongdoing by high-ranking SFO officials and Neil Gerrard, a partner at the law firm Dechert.

Insights from the Financial Times indicate that potential compensation payments from the SFO to ERG could soar into the multimillion-dollar range. This implies that the SFO technology hacks may find itself obligated to cover the extensive costs incurred by ERG during the prolonged and seemingly baseless investigation.

The High Court’s decision has brought to light the “continuing nature” of offenses committed by SFO personnel, specifically pointing fingers at “Mr Alderman, the Director of the SFO.” Moreover, the ruling underscored the presentation of false evidence by two “high-ranking officials,” including former acting director of the SFO, Mark Thompson. This revelation not only accentuates the gravity of the misconduct but also raises significant concerns about the integrity of the entire investigation process. The potential repercussions now extend beyond the termination of the ERG case, casting a shadow over the credibility of the SFO and its key figures.

A decade-long legal struggle: ERG emerges victorious as SFO’s misconduct and mismanagement come to light

In a protracted legal battle spanning over ten years, ERGhas secured a triumph as the SFO’s conduct and mismanagement were exposed. The investigation into ERG was initiated by the SFO back in 2013, with the final chapter unfolding a decade later in August. The SFO attributed its decision to terminate the case to a “lack of sufficient admissible evidence to open a criminal case.”

The legal proceedings have shone a glaring spotlight on Neil Gerrard, a former partner at the law firm Dechert, who was assigned the role of providing advisory support to ERG. Judge Waxman asserted that the SFO breached its duties by obtaining “manifestly unauthorized” information from Gerrard, which ran “contrary to the interests of his client.” A prior High Court judgment revised in May 2022 disclosed Gerrard’s admission of a tendency to exaggerate, a characterization described by the judge as “a clear understatement of the facts, to put it mildly.” The inaccurate information supplied by Gerrard led SFO employees to pursue their interests, allegedly at the expense of ERG’s interests, a revelation reportedly unearthed by Dechert in April 2013.

ERG took legal action against the SFO in 2021, concurrently alleging that employees of the British organization regularly leaked information to journalists during the criminal investigation. As of now, ERG has been granted compensation exceeding £43 million in costs and damages, with the precise financial losses yet to be determined in the forthcoming trial. This protracted legal battle has inflicted substantial damage on both ERG’s reputation and financial standing.




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