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How to Request Art on 4chan

There are many ways to request art on 4chan. The most basic method is by posting a request in a Draw thread. Don’t post the link, but rather copy and paste the request into a thread. Requests are usually fulfilled by the artist’s discretion, so there is no priority system. However, artists are encouraged to upload their works to booru after delivering them, allowing others to identify the style of their art and locate older pieces.

Draw threads

The Drawthread is a place for users to request drawings. People can request anything, as long as they can copy and paste their references in a single image. When posting a request, do not bump it every half hour, and make sure to post only one image per request. You can also copy and paste your request from an old thread, but make sure that you are not copy-pasting from another thread. Artists are willing to accept requests from newcomers and are eager to help you get started.



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