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Gamitee – Social eCommerce Plugin

Gamitee is a social eCommerce plugin that allows travelers to give feedback to retailers. The plugin uses the Bhil language to express feedback. It is endorsed by any third party and should not be construed as such. Gamitee reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts. Its obligations to licensees, including ownership, indemnification, and limitation of liability, are intended to survive termination of the service.

Gamitee is a social eCommerce plugin

Gamitee is an eCommerce plugin that connects consumers with their peers and makes social conversations easy and fun. Most purchases aren’t made in a vacuum, and it’s not uncommon to want to discuss your decision with friends. Gamitee allows retailers to enable this social dialogue and allows consumers to share their plans with one another.

It allows travelers to give feedback to retailers

Gamitee is a new feedback channel for retailers. It allows customers to leave feedback about their shopping experiences using an app or website. Once submitted, the feedback is automatically sent to the retailer. This gives the retailer valuable feedback, and makes it easier for them to improve their customer service.

It is based on Bhil language

The Gamits are a sub-tribe of Bhils, living in the Surat and Broach districts of Gujarat. Their language is based on Bhil, but is considered distinct from Bhil as a whole. Bhil mythology emphasizes the tribe’s antiquity and traditional position as a tribe outside the main lineage. However, Bhil traditions show that the Bhil people have been deeply influenced by Hindu culture and customs.

The Bhil people live in small settlements, consisting of huts erected in cultivated land. The settlements can expand together to form a village. The village may consist of many sub-tribal clans, or one large community. A hereditary headman represents each village’s dominant clan. In some villages, the headman is called the panch or vasavo and is often present at social gatherings.

The Bhil people are generally short and medium-sized, with black or white skin. Their houses are constructed with kutcha material. They also have a unique ritual for selecting a life partner. Their main occupations are agriculture and poultry. Some Bhil people also practice distillation.

Bhil society is patrilineal, and inheritance passes through the male line. After a woman marries a Bhil man, she is expected to live in the family home and participate in the family’s agricultural activities. While Bhil families are typically nuclear, polygamy is also acceptable. For men, polygamy is acceptable if the first wife is barren or ill. In addition, a deceased husband’s younger brother is allowed to remarry a widow.

The Gamit people traditionally live nomadic lives, but have now settled into farming. They inhabit the eastern parts of Surat district, which is renowned for its rich soils and fine cotton crop. The area also receives heavy rainfall, so agriculture is the main source of livelihood. While hunting and fishing are still important, these activities are considered secondary.



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