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Challenges Veterans Face Adjusting To Civilian Life

Serving in the armed forces can be a great honor, and many people find that it gives them life skills and experiences that improve their lives in immeasurable ways. While there are many benefits to serving in the armed forces, many people struggle when it comes to transitioning to civilian life. It is a stark contrast, and many people find that their years of service can present new challenges when adjusting to civilian life. This post will look at a few of the most common challenges the ex-military encounter when their time in the armed services comes to an end. 


Of course, employment is one of the biggest challenges when adjusting to civilian life. While those who have served in the armed forces possess an enormous amount of transferrable skills and are often incredibly hard workers, many find it challenging to find work. The lack of qualifications and job experience can be a hurdle to overcome, but communicating and demonstrating valuable and transferable skills can help. 

Mental Health

Of course, many ex-military individuals suffer from various mental health issues after leaving the armed forces. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are hugely common and can make it challenging to adjust to civilian life, impact relationships, and make it hard to find work. It is important to be open about the mental health challenges that you experience as you adjust to civilian life and seek professional support. It is possible to manage and overcome these issues, but only if you are proactive. 

Hearing Loss

Many ex-armed forces members also suffer from hearing loss. This is a result of extended exposure to loud noises, such as gunfire and explosions. Hearing loss can develop slowly over time or happen suddenly and occur in one or both ears. Hearing loss is a serious challenge for anyone because it can lead to constant ringing or hissing, increased stress, and difficulty understanding people (this can then create all kinds of different problems and lead to social isolation). You should know that you can get compensation with the help of a military hearing loss claims team. While financial compensation will not resolve the hearing loss, it can go a long way to helping you build a better lifestyle for yourself. 


People in the armed forces often struggle to build and maintain relationships after service. This is because relationships are often managed long-distance for long periods, so it can be challenging to adjust. Additionally, dynamics can change over time, and struggling to adapt to civilian life can put further strain on relationships. 

Social Integration 

Leading on from this, some also struggle with social integration and end up feeling isolated. There are many reasons why this can happen, including having no social support network in place, losing a sense of belonging, and finding it hard to relate to civilians. This is why it is important to find hobbies, communities, and support groups that can help.

Adjusting to civilian life can be extremely challenging for ex-armed forces personnel, and the above are a few of the main challenges that people face. 



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