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Build Confidence in the Digital Realm with the Verification of Documents

During client onboarding, verification of documents is vital in facilitating organizations to efficiently and securely authenticate new customers. It is particularly necessary for companies like financial institutions, banks, and cryptocurrency organizations involved in high-value activities. It allows them to authenticate the identities of the involved individuals. 


The document authentication process entails official documents such as passports, bank statements, and driving licenses to scrutinize diverse features. Furthermore, the personal information included in these documents, including names, dates of birth, and addresses, can be cross-checked and verified using external sources. By executing thorough document checking, institutes can establish a robust system that protects against fraud and builds customer trust. 

Understand the Verification of Documents

As the number of customers engaging with organizations through digital means continues to rise, the need for document verification has increased significantly. When opening a new account, individuals must upload their ID documents and a short photo or video to understand their likeness. 


Although customers expect this procedure to be quick in real-time scenarios, it challenges financial organizations to deliver within a short period.  Conventionally, a professional team is ordinarily required to manually verify the ID documents, making the procedure error-prone, costly, and time-intensive. Due to this, many organizations have switched from traditional to automated systems. 


Verification of documents relies on the authentication of government-issued identification documents as its foundation. The two main strategies for verifying client IDs are automated and manual verification. First relies on automated technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), AI-based systems, and machine learning solutions. The second involves manual but engaging expert document verification teams. Traditional document verification methods are prone to errors and require more time and effort.

Analysis of Forensic Documents

  1. Verify physical documents against their online counterparts by comparing the physical copies with the online records provided. 
  2. Investigate printing style, details, and other relevant information discrepancies by scrutinizing the document for any changes, such as forgery attempts. 
  3. Validate the data stated on documents by cross-checking them with government databases. 

Queries to pose to Document Verification Vendor Before Choosing their Services 

Before investing in document attestation software, it is crucial to investigate a few key questions. The following checklist should be evaluated:

  1. Capacity

How do vendors define the number of documents issued by the government globally? When a government provides multiple copies with identical specifications, how should the vendor calculate them? Moreover, how many countries does the solution provide support for? 

  1. Dependability

Assess the reliability of the online ID document verification solution. Can it detect various document tampering forms, including digital document forgery?

  1. Speed

Estimate the speed at which the solution can demonstrate documenting different types. If the verification process surpasses 5 minutes per document, it might not be an effective solution for companies with high volumes of everyday client onboarding. 


Undoubtedly, these questions hold significance, yet there remains an additional query that organizations ought to pose to their vendors:

What accuracy level can the verification of documents achieve in detecting fraudulent activities? 


This question is crucial as advanced document versions are issued yearly, rendering older versions outdated. Determining whether the solution effectively verifies these new documents issued over time is vital. 

What is the Importance of Determining the Valid Document Verification Solution?

At an international level, governments issue an increasing range of document types, making previous document formats obsolete. The verification of documents has become critical, allowing for real-time verification of present and outdated documents.  It improves client satisfaction and cost savings by streamlining the verification process. 

What are the Characteristics of Online Document Attestation Solution?

The document validation success solely depends upon their design. It can be manipulated by advanced scammers who employ superior technological methods if poorly designed. Trusting only one type of verification leaves online ID verification technologies vulnerable, as their weakness can be manipulated. It leads to a bad client experience and discloses organizations to scam activities such as theft and money laundering. 


An ideal online document verification solution aims to balance affordability, efficiency, and security while efficiently capturing consumer data. It has the flexibility to adopt emerging document types and industry trends. The used algorithm should be robust enough to withstand fraudulent activities. Moreover, these solutions must possess self-learning abilities and offer advanced approaches that don’t depend on machine learning. By integrating these factors, organizations ensure a reliable and secure document verification process. 

In The End

In the advanced age, choosing an efficient verification of documents is vital for organizations to thrive. Such solutions must be adaptable to industry trends and well-designed to fight manipulation techniques employed by scammers. It must seamlessly combine efficiency, security, and affordability while effectively capturing client data. By executing a robust document solution, organizations protect themselves and reduce costs against financial risks and fraud. It makes document authentication a pivotal component in advanced customer onboarding procedures. 



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