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Boost Patient Engagement and Satisfaction using a SuiteCRM Customer Portal

When one needs to go to a hospital or has to be admitted to a hospital, some questions crop up: “How can I connect with my doctor?”, “Is there a way for me to book an appointment with my eye surgeon?”, “What time should I expect the health counselor to reach the hospital?” “What are the consulting hours of so and so doctors?” and so on. These questions may be asked, and concise answers are expected anywhere: on inquiry lines, by an inquiry cubicle, and sometimes to passing hospital staff. They can cause frustration and agitation in even the calmest people. This created the need for a healthcare portal. 

You will find tons of hits for “SuiteCRM Customer Portal” online. The real test here is to find a healthcare portal that is unique to the workings of the healthcare system. These healthcare portals allow people to reach out to the health institution more efficiently. There are companies that develop customer portals and merge them with the customer relationship management software of healthcare institution/s. Before we get into how this happens, let’s understand how such portals can bring their users satisfaction. 

Patient Histories are Maintained

There are some patients that frequently visit hospitals. It is impossible to keep manual records of all their hospital visits and activities during each visit. The hospital authorities must automatize patient intake, making it easier to keep a complete record of the patients and their visits. All they need to accomplish this is a good quality SuiteCRM Portal. This also helps them to have workflow reminders and follow up on appointments as and when the patients make an entry. You could have various models of communication such as hospital-customer, hospital-doctor, doctor-doctor, doctor-patient, etc. 

Improved Interaction

It may be difficult for the patients to understand their reports, so their doctors have to field questions from them and interact with the hospital’s higher-ups. This makes it tiresome for everyone involved, and each side may not get complete information. It may happen that during emergencies, the patient may ask you to provide the results quickly and efficiently. When you have an effective customer portal, the patients can see the status of their results themselves. With the help of an effective CRM solution, the hospital can also distribute patient surveys. 

Medical Encyclopedia

The symptoms and causes of common, everyday illnesses like headaches, stomach aches, and flu are looked up online by people. Because these illnesses are deemed minor, patients do not find it necessary to approach doctors. If they do make appointments, they might feel they have wasted time, money, and effort. Using the Medical Encyclopedia available in the SuiteCRM Portal, patients can look up the answers to their questions regarding these and many other illnesses. Hospitals can keep such encyclopedias updated and keep their patients well-informed.

Marketing Campaigns

With the help of the china seo xiaoyan SuiteCRM portal, the healthcare industry can set up and plan marketing campaigns pertaining to healthcare information, events, and other such awareness programs. Patients would be informed of health checkups, blood donation camps, and personalized information related to their disease, conditions, or measure sets. Marketing campaigns would offer enriched health outcomes and lead to an improvement in customer satisfaction.

Maintain Professional Relationships

Let’s assume a certain physiotherapist has stopped working for a certain hospital. The CRM solution allows the hospital to maintain a continuing relationship with all the medical personnel who are/were serving. They still offer supervision on select days. This portal also enables you to send wishes via e-cards and messages on significant occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. Consequently, it becomes easier to maintain a professional relationship with a CRM. 

Given above are some of the paramount ways the healthcare industry can be enriched, along with bringing satisfaction to its customers, using the SuiteCRM customer portal. Before investing in one such portal, make a list of all the functionalities and designs you want your customer portal to display. Carefully think of the way in which you can convince and encourage your patients to use the portal. And a final reminder: for any customer portal you choose, it is imperative that it is user-friendly and intuitive. 

Meta description: The article covers the basics of what can happen when you integrate a SuiteCRM customer portal into your medical organization in terms of workflow management and customer engagement. 

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